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O&M Manager with experience in hydraulic infrastructures

    Abha, Asir, Arabia Saudí

Private Water Top Multinational Company

Nº Referencia: 1494


​Under the O&M and Performance Director, O&M Managers have to supervise all the Operations & Maintenance of the top side facilities, utilities and services installed on board in his business unit. Plan and follow up the Maintenance and inspection for major equipment (pumps, compressors, turbines, ilers, offloading hoses, fiscal flow metering stations, control system, mooring lines, risers, etc.). Plan and follow up of hull and tanks inspection according to the company’s class requirements, RBIs, spare parts supply, chemicals; Engineering requirements for rebuilt, revamps or replacement for piping or any other system.

Process equipment and piping components for Procurement, Manufacture shop supervision, Warehouse control, Certificates & assure that the operation of the FPSO is in full compliance with regulations and requirements for local authorities related to seawater use & Environmental inquiries. Planning and Cost control for onshore and offshore activities. Customer support and communication with internal clients.

The operations and maintenance managers are responsible for providing leadership along with daily oversight, direction, and guidance to operations and maintenance within the plant:

  • To communicate regularly with all maintenance staff, from Foreman down to Technicians, both individually and as a group, to ensure good two-way communication concerning maintenance issues.

  • To prepare work orders (WO) for non-routine work and getting the approval of NWC, and subsequently supervision the work (repair of broken pipes, clearing public blockage created by a third party, etc.)

  • To manage all emergencies as is detailed in the BCMP.

  • To monitor the use and inventories.

  • To prepare the monthly and annual activity reports and control the evolution for all KPIs.

  • To prepare the annual preventive maintenance plans for the network (inspection and cleaning).

  • To follow up with the Workshop on the condition of all equipment and the required repairs.

  • To follow preventive maintenance activities such as schedule, checklist, job plan & documentation work including monthly reports for the client.

  • To supervise the installation, functioning and maintenance of mechanical equipment, and making sure they meet specifications.

Contrato & Condiciones

  • Attractive conditions.

  • Top level Compound.

  • Soft weather (media 20-22 degrees).

  • Turistic zone in KSA.


  • Knowledge and experience of more than 10 years in water management, hydraulic infrastructures and client management.


  • Engineering studies.


  • High level of English.

  • Availability to reside in Saudi Arabia.

  • Experience in facilities maintenance, base camp maintenance, or related field.

  • Additional experience/education can be useful for the job.

  • Knowledge of business practices and procedures plus facility planning management.

  • Excellent supervisory, leadership, planning, decision making and scheduling skills.

  • Detail-oriented with the ability to handle multiple tasks independently.

  • Knowledge of various computer applications including Microsoft Office.

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