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Site Manager - PV Projects

Sicilia, Italy

Important Spanish Engineering company, specialized in Renewable Energy projects

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  • Review factory acceptance tests reports of the main PV plant equipment (PV modules, trackers, inverters and medium voltage transformer).

  • Technical review. Verify that the project construction meets the detail engineering for construction reviewed and validated by the OE. Besides, review the as-built drawings and their adequacy and accomplishment in relation to the agreed terms.

  • Project progress. Monitor the EPC Contractor’s progress against the project schedule, chair construction progress meetings and review weekly construction progress reports of EPC against own observations during visits. Identify any deviations from planned project performance. Any deviation will be reported to the Owner and the EPC Contractor for corrective actions.

  • Quality of works. Review the quality of construction of the different systems and the quality assurance reports and field and laboratory test reports for compliance with the quality control requirements of the construction contract documents, by following a detailed check list. The checklist will be fulfilled on site and will help to complete the construction monitoring reports. A photograph report will be elaborated to show any issues detected.

  • Major tests and inspections. To liaise with the EPC contractor in advance of scheduled major inspections, tests or the start-up of important work phases, and will witness main tests undertaken by the EPC contractor.

  • Change orders. If any change orders for the main equipment are proposed by the EPC Contractor, OE will assess and opine on their adequacy and propose, if applicable, valid alternatives.

  • Supervise PR Tests during a time considered adequate, and which may be less than the PR Tests duration, to ensure the EPC contract procedure is followed.

  • Adequate training of the O&M team.

  • Evaluate and optimise the performance of the plant analysing the performance of Scada, inverters, trackers, and main components of the plant.

  • On-site review and evaluation of damage caused during construction to crops, accesses or belongings of plots affected by easements, temporary   occupancy, accesses or adjacent to the construction site.

  • Attendance and active participation in a weekly site work monitoring meeting with OE, EPCist and Owner.

The Site Manager will provide support in the following scopes:

  • Ensure Italy regulatory requirements are followed.

  • Monitor that the EPC contractor obtains or adequately amends the required permits under their responsibility according to the EPC contract.

  • Carry out environmental monitoring and ensure environmental commitments are fulfilled.

  • Monitor subcontractors and allocated staff on site. The OE should opine on whether allocated site staff is considered adequate throughout the construction stages.

  • Manage all matters, actions and formalities related to land and owners within the execution phase of the construction works.

The Site Manager will take an interest in ensuring compliance with HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) aspects at the plant. However, the responsibility for supervising HSE works and consequently overseeing the execution of the following tasks lies with the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) company.


  • Permanent contract.

  • Attractive conditions.


  • 5 - 6 years of experience in a similar position.


  • Engineering studies


  • High level of English.

  • High level or native Italian.

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