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Adminstrative & Finance Director Cement Sector (with French & English)

     French Guyane

Cement production Multinational

Nº Referencia: 1011


Coordinate and monitor the financial and internal control activities to be carried out in the operation of French Guyane in accordance with the corporate guidelines, financial, customs and tax legislation of the country, as well as the defined goals and indicators; in order to ensure compliance with regulations, company strategies, and thus contribute to the achievement of organizational objectives. Code of good governance, code of conduct, talent management policy, Industrial Safety and Occupational Health policy, national and international regulations and regulations associated with financial management.


Integrate elements of internal control into the unit through the rules, policies and procedures, in order to ensure compliance with objectives in a sustainable manner. Ensure compliance with corporate guidelines to contribute to the achievement of organizational strategy. To meet information requirements of regulators, partners, among others, to comply with tax, customs, reporting and audit obligations. Analyze information on the Company's financial statements to ensure reliable and timely delivery. Follow up on the budget execution of the company to contribute to the fulfillment of the commitments acquired. Prepare the accounting balance according to the periodicity defined to have information that allows decisions to be made to the operation. Implement reliable indicators that allow efficient piloting of the company. Manage the information that is sent to the payroll provider for payment to employees complies with current national regulations. To guarantee the management of treasury and of the financing scheme of clients to contribute to the fulfillment of objectives of the company. To guarantee the necessary training for its personnel in charge to contribute with the development of the same and with the fulfillment of organizational results. Advise the General Direction financial, treasury, investment, among others.


Responsibilities / Industrial Safety and Occupational Health

Implement and follow up the process of transformation and consolidation of safe behaviors by conducting field visits and workplaces to demonstrate a sense and visible leadership in Industrial Safety and Occupational Health and motivate the internalization and adoption of safe behaviors.

Promote and deploy the goals and indicators of Industrial Safety and Occupational Health to their teams and monitor their compliance through aligned work plans to ensure their achievement.

Identify training needs in Industrial Safety and Occupational Health and coordinate with the human management team the formulation of training plans that will ensure compliance with the objectives and contribute to the continuous improvement of individual and team performance.

Communicate, align and follow up on compliance with the goals, indicators, strategies and / or guidelines of Industrial Safety and Occupational Health to their teams in charge through aligned work plans to ensure the achievement of them.

Give an example of safe behaviors inside and outside the premises and promote in the company the compliance with safety standards to generate safe and healthy work spaces.


Environmental Responsibilities / Activities

Implement and follow up the Environmental process from its scope of responsibility, to ensure compliance with the environmental policy, applicable regulations and the improvement of environmental performance.

Promote knowledge transfer and deployment of environmental policy and established environmental guidelines, to contribute to environmental awareness and identification and formulation of opportunities for improvement.

Monitor, evaluate and report environmental information, to contribute to continuous improvement and therefore to business sustainability.


Finances, Engineering.




5 at least in a similar position.

Knowledge of the cement process (desirable).

Knowledge of laws and regulations of French Guiana, through complementary training on

Experience in management and budget control.

Desirable experience in ,anagement of foreign exchange operations and treasury operations.


Professional in Finance, Public Accountancy or Industrial Engineering with masters in Business Administration, Finance, or related. Knowledge in IFRS.labor laws and regulations of the country.


Cement, Concrete Field.


Bilingual in French

Advanced in English

Corporate Competencies





Competencies of the position

Problem solving

Priority setting

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